9-1-1 Advisory Board

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About the 9-1-1 Advisory Board

The 9-1-1 Advisory Board acts as an advisory body to the Missoula Board of County Commissioners through the director of the Office of Emergency Management. The board coordinates the dispatch needs and requirements of all participating public safety agencies utilizing the Missoula 9-1-1 Center. Further more, it assists in the development of policies for the efficient and effective operation of the 9-1-1 Center subject to the review of the Missoula Board of County Commissioners. 


9-1-1 Advisory Board bylaws

Authorization: The authorization for creating a 9-1-1 Center is Montana Code Annotated 10-4-104 and Missoula County resolution 81-124.                     

Board Membership

The board consists of the following nine members or their designees:

  • One citizen member, appointed by the Missoula Board of County Commissioners, three-year term. 
  • Missoula County Sheriff
  • Missoula Police Chief
  • Missoula County Office of Emergency Management Director
  • Missoula County Fire Protection Association Representative
  • Missoula City Fire Chief
  • Missoula Rural Fire Chief
  • Missoula Emergency Service Inc. Manager
  • Missoula 9-1-1 Center Manager



Term End Date:

Mike Painter Citizen member  12/31/18
Contact Information:  County Disaster and Emergency Services (406) 258-3452

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