Animal Control Board

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About the Missoula City-County Animal Control Board

The Animal Control Board, representing a broad array of technical experts, business and industry professionals and citizens-at-large, is charged with providing consultation to the Missoula City-County Animal Control for the purpose of reviewing animal control program policies to ensure consistency with all pertinent city and county ordinances, to approve or deny requests for multiple dog permits, and to perform other duties as described in the inter-local agreement between the city and county on cooperative animal control.  

Interlocal Agreement

The Animal Control Board  City-County Interlocal Agreement.

Authorization: 6.08.030 Missoula Municipal Code, Interlocal Agreement #113 between the City of Missoula and Missoula County,
7-23-103 MCA.


Meetings are held at the Animal Control Shelter, on the first Wednesday of every month during Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. at 5:45 p.m.

Animal Control Shelter
6700 Butler Creek Road
(406) 541-7387

Board Membership 

Membership: Maximum number of members: five; limit of three consecutive two-year terms.



Term End Date:

Jesse Munro
 Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  12/31/19
W. Lynn Gontarek-Garberson,
Vice Chair
 Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.   12/31/18
Adam Ehlers  Appointed by the Missoula City Council  12/31/18
Karen Munro  Appointed by the Missoula City Council.  12/31/18
Shoni Card, DVM, Chair  Appointed by the Animal Control Board; must be a licensed veterinarian. Ongoing Appointment


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