Missoula Development Authority

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About Missoula Development Authority

In 1997, the Board of County Commissioners appointed the Missoula Development Authority to maintain oversight of the development, management, and marketing in and for tax increment districts in Missoula County. The board promotes, stimulates, develops and advances the general welfare, commerce, economic development and prosperity of Missoula County and its citizens.


Missoula Development Authority bylaws

Authorization: Section 7-14-1101 through 7-14-1139, Montana Code Annotated, authorizes a board of county commissioners to create a public body corporate and politic to exercise the powers of a port authority. The Missoula Board of County Commissioners created the Missoula Development Authority by Resolution 97-032.


Agendas and Minutes

Meetings are held at the Missoula County Administration building in room B14, the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:15 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and last approximately 1-2 hours. Please contact the Development District Office for a schedule as the dates and time of the meetings may change.

Missoula County Administration Building
199 West Pine
Missoula, Montana 59802
(406) 258-4763

Board Membership

The board is comprised of seven, County resident, members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.
Members serve three-year terms.



Term End Date:

Neal Leathers  Member  6/30/19
Kyle Graybeal  Member  6/30/19
Jim Valeo  Member  6/30/20
James Sage  Member  6/30/20
Ben Fitch-Fleischmann  Member  6/30/20
Dan Neuman  Member-Chair  6/30/21
Shawn Horton    DirecTV representative  6/30/19
Michael Heisey  Bonner Mill TIF Industrial District representative  6/30/20
Eric Groenweghe  Bonner West Log Yard representative  6/30/20
David Strohmaier  Serves at the pleasure of the County Commissioners    N/A
Contact Information:   Dori Brownlow  (406) 258-4763 or

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