Aging Services Governing Board

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About the Missoula Aging Services Governing Board

Missoula Aging Services develops and implements the system  of delivering social and health services to the elderly in Missoula and Ravalli Counties. The governing board manages the business of Missoula Aging Services and is responsible for hiring the chief executive officer, the board has no role in the daily operation of the organization. 


Missoula Aging Services bylaws. 

Authorization: In the Area XI, Area Agency on Aging, as determined by the Missoula County Commissioners in accordance with
Sec. 305(c)(3) of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended. 


Meetings are held five times a year, for meeting information please contact:
Missoula Aging Services
337 Stephens Avenue
(406) 728-7682

Board Membership

  • One County Commissioner member
  • 11-13 regular members appointed by County Commissioners
  • One non-voting member, serving as the Missoula City Council Liaison
  • All appointments are made by County Commissioners 



Term End Date:

Geoff Gilbert   Member 6/30/19
Roberta Smith   Member 6/30/19
Chris Flohr  Member 6/30/19
Gayle Hudgins   Member 6/30/19
Leslie Halligan   Member 6/30/20
Kristin Page-Nei   Secretary 6/30/20
Amanda Cahill  Member 6/30/20
James Mckay   Member 6/30/20
Larry Riley  Vice Chair 6/30/21
Keith Anderson  Treasurer 6/30/21
Larry White   Chair 6/30/21 
Jolynn McDermott   Member 6/30/21
Nicole Rowley  Voting member, serves at the pleasure of the Board of County Commissioners.  N/A
Gwen Jones  Non-voting member, serves at the pleasure of the Missoula City Council.  N/A

 Contact Information:   Missoula Aging Services:      (406) 728-7682

If you have any questions or you are unable to locate a particular board or commission, please contact us