Lolo Mosquito Control District Board

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About the Lolo Mosquito Control District Board

The Board of Trustees, Lolo Mosquito Abatement District, was created October 1, 1978, as a Mosquito Abatement District by the County of Missoula. The Lolo Mosquito Abatement District manages and controls mosquito pests and minimizes mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile and Equine Encephalitis. 


Lolo Mosquito Control District Board bylaws

Authorization:  The Lolo Mosquito Control District Board is authorized by 7-1-202 Montana Code Annotated.


Meetings vary as needed. For meeting dates and times, please call the Weed and Extension Office (406) 258-4200.


The board is comprised of five members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.
Members serve three-year terms. 



Term End Date:

John Fuchs  Member  12/31/20
VACANT-APPLY ONLINE  Member  12/31/18
JoAnne Stewart  Member  12/31/18
Jean Belangie-Nye  Member  12/31/19
Brock Flynn  Member  12/31/19
Jerry Marks  Represents Missoula County Weed Control Department  N/A
Contact Information:  (406) 258-4200 or

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