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If you know which department you are trying to reach, the contact information is listed below.


Elected Official/Department Head

Auditor's Office David Wall
Clerk & Recorder/Treasurer Tyler Gernant
Commissioners' Office Commissioners Curtiss, Rowley, Strohmaier
Chief Administrative Officer Vickie Zeier
Communications & Projects Anne Hughes
County Attorney Kirsten Pabst
Community & Planning Services Patrick O'Herren
Development Districts Dori Brownlow
District Court Judges Deschamps, Halligan, Larson, Townsend
Clerk of Court Shirley Faust
Elections Office Dayna Causby
Office of Emergency Management Adriane Beck
Facilities Management Larry Farnes
Fairgrounds Emily Bentley
Financial Services/Accounting Christi Page
Geographic Information Systems Jason Emery
City-County Health Department Ellen Leahy
Human Resources Karen Harrison
Justice Court Justices of the Peace Andersen, Holloway
Records Management Keith Belcher
Risk & Benefits Erica Grinde
Partnership Health Center Laurie Francis
Public Works Greg Robertson
Sheriff's Office TJ McDermott
Surveyor's Office Greg Robertson
Superintendent of Schools Erin Lipkind
Technology Jason Emery

Missoula County Courthouse

200 West Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

The Missoula County Courthouse is located on the 200 block of West Broadway in downtown Missoula. Visit Google maps for driving directions. If you need further assistance, please call Missoula County at (406) 721-5700. We're happy to help.



Missoula County Administration Building

199 West Pine Street
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 721-5700
(406) 258-4700 fax


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on all major holidays.

To locate the contact information for other departments, offices, and agencies, visit our County Directory page.