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The Missoula County website has been redesigned from a traditional departmental-based orientation to a new service-based architecture.
Missoula County Homepage Snapshot

Six primary sections have been established to allow website visitors access to information and services based on a specific perspective:

  1. News
  2. Community
  3. Directory
  4. Government
  5. Services
  6. I Want To...

The Help and Information section is designed to provide supplementary help and support in website usage and navigation as well as provide website specific information. A service-based architecture allows for a logical and intuitive organization of information that provides easier and quicker access to desired topics of interest.

Below is a list of help and information items that may be of particular interest to you. These links can also be accessed in the left-hand column of the page while navigating the Help & Information section.

  • General Website Help
    • Contains website usage and page layout information as well as website FAQ and external links.
  • Website Map
    • Provides a visual organization of the website as well as direct access to listed pages.
  • Website Policies
    • Various website policies are presented including privacy, security, disclaimers and accessibility.