Courthouse Renovation & Construction

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The Missoula County Courthouse complex is situated on a 100,000 square foot lot at 200 W. Broadway in the heart of Missoula’s central business district. The Courthouse was constructed in 1910 and is a listed building in the National Register of Historic Places. The Annex and space linking it to the Courthouse was added in 1966. The building footprint covers 20,620 square feet, and the combined square footage of the buildings, including the clock and bell towers, totals 90,485 gross square feet.

For many years the Courthouse Complex has been home to the following departments: County Commissioners’ Office, Auditor’s Office, Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer, District and Justice Courts, County Attorney, Sheriff, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, Surveyor’s Office, Facilities, Elections, and Emergency Services/9-1-1. Faced with pressure for additional space for law and justice activities and the desire to maintain them in a single downtown location, Missoula County initiated a comprehensive master planning process in 2010. 

To accommodate law and justice expansion, the plan identified the need to move the County administrative departments and storage for evidence and archived records to other locations.

In 2011, the County completed construction and renovation of buildings for evidence storage and records management. In addition, a new building was acquired through a lease-purchase with sufficient square footage to accommodate seven administrative departments previously located in the Courthouse Complex including the Commissioners’ Office. The vacated space provided the opportunity to renovate the Courthouse and Annex and provide more functional space to the courts and other departments serving the public.

In addition to the improvements to the utilization of space, the construction includes updates to aging mechanical, electrical, life safety, and fire sprinkler systems. Also included is remediation of asbestos-containing materials and lead paint, replacement of energy inefficient aluminum frame windows, and correction of building code and physical accessibility deficiencies. 

The design and renovation of the Courthouse Complex is a complicated seven-year project completed in five phases. Several departments were moved to temporary space within the Courthouse and Annex while their permanent quarters are constructed. The final phase of the renovation project is the exterior of the Courthouse including the lawn, trees, landscaping, sprinkler system, parking lot and lighting.

Additional information about the most recent phases can be found on our Media Releases web page. Frequently asked questions and a time-lapse video of the re-instillation of the Edgar S. Paxson paintings are also below. 

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