About Our Office

The Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer is a combined office incorporating the constitutional offices of the clerk and recorder, treasurer, surveyor, and assessor. Additionally, our office hosts the local registrar appointed by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to maintain vital records. Although our office encompasses a wide array of duties, many of these functions are performed by other departments within Missoula County pursuant to interlocal agreements. Our office primarily handles the collection of property taxes (real, personal, centrally assessed, and mobile homes), motor vehicle registrations and renewals, the issuance of itinerant business licenses (e.g., Christmas tree and fireworks stands), the collection and deposit of funds from other Missoula County departments, the recording and maintaining of real estate records, the filing of certain types of security interests, the maintenance of vital statistics records (e.g., birth certificates, death certificates, and veterans records), and the filing and maintaining of many public records for the County.

Pursuant to an interlocal agreement with the Missoula County Finance Department, most of the accounting and financial reporting obligations of the Treasurer’s office are performed by the Finance Department. Additionally, the Finance Department handles the budgeting responsibilities of the Clerk and Recorder as well as the accounting and financial reporting obligations imposed by statute on the Clerk and Recorder. Missoula County Public Works performs virtually all of the statutory duties imposed on the Surveyor’s office pursuant to an interlocal agreement. Most of those duties are performed by the examining land surveyor as a division of Missoula County Public Works. Pursuant to a revision in Montana law dating back to 1978, the Montana Department of Revenue handles all of the duties formerly assigned to the Missoula County Assessor’s office. Accordingly, we play no official role in the assessment of taxes or ensuring that the information presented on your tax bill is correct, including your billing address.



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