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The Missoula County Attorney is an elected position for a four-year term.  The Missoula County Attorney’s Office serves as legal advisor to the Board of County Commissioners, all elected officials of Missoula County, the Health Department, Community and Planning Services and all other county departments.

The Missoula County Attorney's Office handles all general civil litigation matters for Missoula County including land use, employment issues, property tax, election issues and contracts. Additionally, the office enforces zoning and building code violations.

The Missoula County Attorney is a Public Prosecutor and oversees prosecution for all felonies in Missoula County and a portion of the misdemeanor crimes. The Missoula County Attorney's Office works with all law enforcement agencies in Missoula County including Missoula City Police, Missoula County Sheriff's Office, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division, Montana Highway Patrol, as well as other State investigative agencies in the prosecution of crimes against the State of Montana. The Missoula County Attorney, oversees 21 attorneys who are responsible for criminal prosecutions, youth court proceedings, special victims unit cases, child protection cases, involuntary commitments, guardianships, junk vehicles, community decay and others.

By law, the County Attorney's Office is prohibited from giving legal advice to the general public.