For detailed information about emergencies and disasters in Missoula County, see the Office of Emergency Management webpage. 

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Protecting the health of the public is crucial in emergency situations. Public health emergency preparedness involves cooperation among many organizations in Missoula County:

  • Private entities such as hospitals, ambulance, American Red Cross, and human service agencies like Missoula Aging Services
  • Government agencies at all levels such as fire departments, law enforcement, the health department, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, and the federal Centers for Disease Control

Working with our partners helps us to prepare plans to deliver essential public health services to the whole community during an emergency. Emergency plans are inclusive of people with disabilities and others who may need help accessing services in emergency situations.

How to Prepare Your Household for an Emergency

It is helpful for everyone in Missoula County to think about what their specific needs might be in and after an emergency, whether that is a personal medical emergency or a major county-wide emergency like a severe snowstorm.

Sign up for Smart911. When you sign up for Smart911, you may choose to be notified when an emergency happens in Missoula County.  You may also choose to enter your emergency medical information. This information is stored on a secure server and can be seen briefly by emergency medical personnel if the phone you listed in your Smart911 account is used to place the 911 call. The information you enter helps emergency medical services provide the best care for you. Your information may be accessed in an emergency when you call 911 from your phone anywhere across the nation where Smart911 is available, including Missoula and Butte-Silver Bow counties in Montana.

Fill out this Emergency Medical Information form. This is the medical information that Smart911 can store on the secure server for use when you call 911. You may print out this information and use it to help you register for Smart911.  You may also fill out the form and keep in an obvious spot in your home, such as on the refrigerator. Please note this information will not automatically go into Smart 911 - it is a tool to help you complete Smart911.